Weekend Reading 2.19.23 | Centsational Style

By Kate Riley

Today we gave my Vespa a tune up and I got to take it out for a spin! I haven’t ridden it in two years, it’s been sitting in the garage needing a new battery, but when the sun came out I thought how fun to take it out again, and it was! I used to have such ag great time riding it back and forth to the market or around our small town but I stopped doing it during the pandemic. Tis the season to bring it out again!

I’m giving our downstairs study (and what used to be the kids’ playroom) a makeover this month. I’m making it a more mature space, adding glass doors to the wall of cabinets and turning it into a plant filled library. Look for that freshened space coming next month.

Favorite links from the week:

Beautiful cabinet colors and wallpapers in this colonial renovation.

This lovely layered Gold Coast home, no longer stuck in the 1980s.

This fascinating tile making process with a delightful pattern. 

Reject these five beliefs about holding on to stuff to help you let go of possessions.

What the brain of risk taker looks like compared to those that are risk adverse.

This inexpensive storage solution is the new best friend for my beanies and baseball caps.

The best seed for your birdfeeders.

The best ways to prevent guacamole from turning brown.

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