Weekend Reading 11.6.22 | Centsational Style

By Kate Riley

Holiday greetings! I woke up this morning feeling so refreshed, so alert! Then realized, oh, it’s Daylight Savings, no wonder I bounced out of bed at “7 a.m.” I totally forgot about it. After having coffee I put a few finished touches on some holiday art prints releasing this week, they will be available on Tuesday, I love this year’s collection!

I’m headed to Florida next weekend to work on a few projects at our house and get ready to host a big group of family. It will be a warm weather Thanksgiving! I even bought a pale pink Christmas tree to decorate the living room, and ordered new furniture for that space as well. I’m going to give it a festive modern Florida feeling for the season, lots of bright pastels!

Favorite links from the week:

This Seattle home has the most gorgeous kitchen.

This home has the coziest living room.

“Old money aesthetic” is a decorating trend, have you heard of it?

Pros and cons of living in an A-frame house.

These porcelain light sculptures are incredible.

This is a creative bathroom tile and wallpaper combination, I do love the colors.

My honest opinion of our peel & stick floor is in this article.

Nine out-of-the-box Christmas decorating ideas.

I’m regularly using one of these heated neck wraps with so much time spent on my computer. Thumbs up!

Painting your window frames? Grab this product to make scraping the paint off glass much easier.

No shame: I want to walk around inside this competition.

National Geographic’s list of the best places to visit in 2023.

This ingenious musical collaboration is magical.

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