Weekend Reading 10.23.22 | Centsational Style

By Kate Riley

What a lovely week it’s been! In my town, golden leaves cover the trees and the skies are blue. Weather wise, October is such a wonderful month, I had to take a walk every day just to soak it all in. I spent a few extra hours in the ceramics studio, sculpting and glazing. I’ll share more pieces on Instagram as they come out of the kiln and I style them in creative ways. I’m loving this new hobby of mine.

I used to feel stress this time of year especially in the days before Halloween, getting my kids costumes ready and taking them to all the events. Now that they handle costumes themselves and no longer go trick-or-treating, the pressure is off. I miss the sweetness of it but not the exhaustion that came with all those Halloween activities. 🙂

My mind is already in Thanksgiving mode, preparing our Florida house to sleep extra guests and setting the table for a large group. And then of course Christmas is just around the corner. Every year I keep things simpler and every year I seem to enjoy the holiday season more as a result.

Favorite links from the week:

This sophisticated and welcoming guest cottage.

This renovated farmhouse in New South Wales.

Simplicity and natural elements on display in this remodeled London home.

The walls of this bungalow are covered in limewash not paint.

So fun: glowing eyes creepy Halloween art.

Surprising facts on the history of coffee.

A list of all the Hallmark Christmas movies and their (familiar) plots. 🙂

Tips for breaking the habit of scrolling on your phone before bed.

A different kind of advent calendar: 24 days of self care.

This mischievous skeleton reel is so clever.

Source: centsationalstyle.com

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