Top Ways to Decorate Your Staircase

By Haris

While many people are focused on the major rooms of the house such as the kitchen or the living room when it comes to decoration, it is often the case that the staircase sadly gets overlooked and forgotten. However, this certainly does not need to be the case and some improved décor can certainly make all the difference. So, here are a few ways that you have available to you to make sure your stairs look at their very best all the time. 

Make a Display 

There are plenty of wall décor ideas that you could put into practice, and there is no doubt that making a display is an excellent option that allows you to make the most of the walls around the staircase. It could be that you would like to put some already created artwork on the wall or you could get a little more creative and put some special pieces up there that really add some colour and life to the area. 

Think About the Rails and Bannisters 

In terms of features that have a both decorative and practical element to them, there is no doubt that both rails and bannisters can feature heavily on this list. So, make sure that you are looking into the possibility of investing in a high-quality stair rail that immediately captures peoples’ attention. Alternatively, if you would prefer to go for an approach that is entirely seamless, it may well be worth checking out glass railings as they do not provide any sort of obstruction in terms of the overall visual impact. 

Choose Some Bold Carpeting 

While some people are naturally resistant to using bold colours in the central rooms of their home, it could well be the case that bold carpeting will fit in nicely on your staircase. Of course, you need to think about where the stairs are positioned and whether or not they are going to need to blend in with another room in the house. Perhaps they are standalone and can issue a bold statement right from the offset. 

Consider a Statement Wallpaper 

If it is not going to be the carpeting that you are getting the colour from, you could instead look to add in a statement wallpaper as this could really create the bold effect that you are seeking out. Essentially, this is a nice opportunity to be a little bit more experimental. If the impact is not what you were initially hoping that it would be, you always have the option of chopping and changing as and when you would like to.

All of these are amongst the decorative ideas that you could put into practice on your staircase. Each and every one of them have their place, and it could be that you are considering a combination of all of them or perhaps just a couple. Even one strong idea could really liven up this part of the house and add a special decorative touch to it. 


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