Today’s Homeowner Radio Show Podcast | December 31, 2022

Today's Homeowner Radio host Danny Lipford and co-host Joe Truini in the recording booth
In this special New Year’s Eve episode, we’re playing back some of our favorite segments from the past year. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

In this special New Year’s Eve episode, we’re playing back some of our favorite segments from the past year. We wish you a happy new year and hope you look at 2023 as an opportunity for you to get things done around your home. 

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Simple Solutions (Hour 1)

Applying machine oil to a hinge pin
A bead of machine oil will silence a squeaky door hinge. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

Silence a Squeaky Door Hinge: To fix squeaking door hinges:

  • Remove Hinge Pin: Insert a large nail or nail set in the bottom of the hinge and tap the hinge pin out.
  • Clean Hinge Pin: Wipe any dirt, grease, or grime off the hinge pin using a cotton cloth.
  • Remove Rust on Hinge Pin: Sand the hinge pin lightly with medium (120-grit) sandpaper to remove any rust, and wipe off any sanding dust.
  • Lubricate Hinge Pin: Apply a thin bead of machine oil to the length of the hinge pin.
  • Install Hinge Pin: Use a hammer to tap the hinge pin into the hinge from the top.
  • Dispense Lubricate: Open and close the door several times to work the lubricant into the hinge to stop the squeak.

Watch: How to Fix Squeaky Door Hinges

Man cutting crown molding with a miter saw
Cutting crown molding is easy when you use our Simple Solution. (DepositPhotos)

Cutting Crown Molding: To make miter cuts in crown molding, turn a panel upside down on the miter saw table. This allows the angled back edges to rest against the fence and the table during cutting.

Holding the molding in the right position while you make a cut is the difficult part.

The solution is to hot glue a piece of 1-by-2 wood to the saw table so it acts as a cleat to hold the molding in the proper position.

Watch: How to Cut Crown Molding on a Miter Saw

Simple Solutions (Hour 2)

Miter saw mounted on extension ladder
Use an extension ladder to create a temporary miter saw table. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

Portable Work Table for a Miter Saw: Here how to improvise a portable miter saw table:

  1. Set up two sawhorses.
  2. Attach the miter saw to a piece of plywood the width of the ladder.
  3. Build two support blocks the height of the table on the miter saw from scrap lumber.
  4. Place the miter saw and support blocks on the extension ladder.
  5. A third sawhorse can be used for middle support if the ladder is too flexible.

Watch: How to Make a Portable Work Table for a Miter Saw

Use plastic liners in your apron to easily switch between nails and screws. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

Easy Nail Apron Liners: Make interchangeable liners for your nail apron or tool pouch out of one-quart plastic motor oil bottles.

Cut off the spout, wipe the bottle clean, fill it with nails or screws, and slip the liner into the apron pouch.

Fill up several bottles with various types and sizes of fasteners, so you can quickly and easily switch them in and out without having to dump out the apron.

Watch: How to Make Nail Apron Liners from Oil Cans

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