This Money Tree Can Help Manifest Wealth and Prosperity

By James

Manifesting good health, wealth and luck? One way to welcome that positive energy into your home is through feng shui. All spaces need living energy, says feng shui expert Susan Chan, and feng shui plants are an easy, natural way to bring in vibrant chi, or vital energy. Placing these plants with set intentions can help invite certain energies inside your home, whether that’s attracting love by finding a plant with heart-shaped leaves or tapping good luck and fortune by displaying an upward-growing money tree.

With all the time you spend at home, it’s particularly critical to prioritize feng shui in your bedroom, living room and office space, says Bloomscape gardening expert Lindsay Pangborn. Plants act as living decor that adds not only dimension and color to a space but also a touch of the natural world. “Plants have been proven to show increases in creativity, productivity and a positive outlook,” she says. And Pangborn doesn’t see this trend slowing down any time soon. “People will continue to improve their living spaces and will do so with plants!”

We spoke to feng shui experts Anjie Cho and Susan Chan about how to choose the best feng shui plants for wealth, love, health and more. Here are nine feng shui plants that are all about bringing good energy into your space, from affordable indoor plants to houseplants that thrive in office spaces (even if they’re sometimes neglected).


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