These Brilliant Spice Rack Ideas Are Made With Small Kitchens in Mind

By James

We all know that a clutter-free space looks more appealing, but let us remind you of the benefits of an organized kitchen: you’ll save time searching through crowded cabinets, there’s less to clean on a daily basis, you’ll feel more productive and you’re more likely to have fresh ingredients (expired foods can pile up in disorganized spaces). If you’ve been on an organizing kick, you’ve probably already sorted your pantry and installed kitchen drawer organizers, but what about those spices that have been haphazardly thrown in a drawer for way too long? To help you tackle the mess, here are the best spice rack ideas — many of which you could DIY.

As you browse this list, you’ll find a solution that suits the square footage and setup of your kitchen — even if you’re working with narrow spaces or awkwardly-shaped corner cabinets. There are compact organizers that can be hidden away in small spaces, multi-tier racks that take up minimal counter space and modern wall solutions that double as decor.

One key organization tip: before you start labeling and organizing, throw away any spices or herbs that may have expired. As a general rule, Nicole Papantoniou, director of Good Housekeeping Institute’s Kitchen Appliances Lab, recommends that you go through your spices once a year to check expiration dates. If you can’t read the label, take a whiff: “The stronger the smell, the fresher they are.”


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