Outdoor Fireplace: Create a Focal Point For Your Patio


An outdoor fireplace transforms your yard into a bonafide living area and increases your home’s value. 

Whether you’re having a gathering with friends or unwinding after a long day, an outdoor fireplace is an investment that you will enjoy for many years. 

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Outdoor fireplace made with Pavestone Rumblestone Gray pavers
An outdoor fireplace can make your yard feel like a living room. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

About Outdoor Fireplaces 

Historically, fireplaces were used to keep a home’s interior warm during winter. But now, with outdoor living areas becoming increasingly more popular, fireplaces are popping up in many backyards. 

These days, homeowners want the amenities of their indoor living rooms in the great outdoors. So the fireplace, an iconic element of any living room, is a must.  

An outdoor fireplace still serves the same function of providing warmth, but it also adds to the backyard’s aesthetic. 

Outdoor fireplaces come in many materials — such as steel, stone and terracotta — along with a range of shapes and sizes. Their fuel sources include wood, electric, gas and propane, and they can be in a fixed position or portable. 

Paver outdoor fireplace made with tan Rumblestone pavers from Pavestone
Paver outdoor fireplaces have the look of a traditional, interior fireplace. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

Wood-Burning Outdoor Fireplaces

For a traditional-looking outdoor fireplace, one constructed using pavers is a popular option.

This type uses stacked pavers to create a customized wood-burning fireplace with a full-sized chimney. 

You can also add paver surrounds around the fireplace to further define your outdoor living area. 

Building a paver outdoor fireplace is a large project, so check with your local building department to see if you need a permit.  

View of firebox on a Pavestone rumblestone outdoor fireplace
Pavestone’s Rumblestone Fireplace Kit comes with everything you need — including the fire box. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

Building a Paver Outdoor Fireplace

If you’re ready to take your outdoor living area to the next level with a paver outdoor fireplace,  build one using Pavestone’s Rumblestone Fireplace Kit, which is available at The Home Depot. 

The kit includes a firebox, a custom-fit 21-inch log grate for burning wood, a 14-inch chimney, 24 tubes of polyurethane adhesive, plus five pallets of coordinating RumbleStone blocks to build the surround. 

The RumbleStone blocks’ weathered appearance offers a natural look and feel. They can be assembled in an infinite variety of configurations and orientations, so the possibilities for creative expression are as endless as your imagination.

Start by digging a 14-inch-deep bed, then fill it Pavestone Paver Base.

When filling the bed, stop every three inches to compact the material using a tamper or compactor. Do this until the hole is filled to ensure a stronger base that will stand the test of time.  

Add an inch of Pavestone Paver Sand on top of the aggregate before laying the blocks.

Once you’ve laid your fireplace base, it’s time to start stacking the blocks. To ensure that do-it-yourselfers get the right block in the right spot, the kit includes a set of color-coded drawings that detail which blocks go where on each step — from the initial footprint on the ground to the firebox installation and extending the structure up around the chimney. 

Rumblestone blocks have round edges and come in a variety of shapes and sizes that all modulate on a 7-inch dimension. 

Construction adhesive on Rumblestone pavers
No mortar is needed to assemble a Pavestone Rumblestone fireplace — just construction adhesive. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

This building block design means you don’t need to cut any pavers, and there are no open seams because the blocks overlap each other for strength. All you need to secure them is some polymer construction adhesive.

Because this kit is so simple to put together, you can assemble this outdoor fireplace in just a few hours.

Patio constructed with Pavestone’s Avant XL pavers
A paver patio, like this one made from Pavestone’s Avant XL pavers, provides a perfect surrounding for an outdoor fireplace. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

Complete Your Outdoor Living Area With a Patio

A stand-alone fireplace, though attractive, may look out of place in your backyard if you don’t add matching elements. So, build a patio to surround it and define the outdoor living area.

A patio not only complements your fireplace but also increases your home’s resale value. 

The average cost of building a patio is between $3,000 and $5,500, according to Forbes. However, SuperMoney, an online financial comparison platform, says a patio can increase a home’s value by 8 to 10 percent and earn an 80 percent return on investment. 

If you want a beautiful, consistent look to your patio and outdoor fireplace, construct them with the same materials

Pavestone offers a variety of pavers in different textures, colors and sizes. A quick visit to their website leaves you brainstorming all sorts of ideas for your next backyard project, whether it’s a fireplace, a fire pit, a patio, or anything else. 

Fire pit made from Pavestone pavers
A fire pit is a smaller alternative to an outdoor fireplace. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

Other Types of Outdoor Fireplaces 

Fire burning in a clay chiminea
No assembly is required for a chiminea, and because it’s small, you move it anywhere you want. (MarkPiovesan, Getty Images)

A chiminea (Spanish for chimney) is a freestanding, front-loading fireplace with a bulbous shape and a vertical vent. 

Traditionally, chimineas are made from clay, but some are metal or cast iron. You don’t need to assemble it, so the most work you have to do is transport it to where you want it.

However, despite its simplicity, there are some drawbacks.

A  typical chiminea is small, so you’ll need to frequently add wood to keep a fire going. And, once lit, it has a hot shell, which can be dangerous to the touch, especially for children. In addition, it sits off the ground on a metal base, so it could tip over.

For these reasons, many homeowners prefer a permanent structure for creating warmth outdoors.

Square fire pit in the corner of a paver patio
You can incorporate a fire pit into the corner of a patio, or build a standalone one in your yard. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

One such option is a fire pit. This type of outdoor fireplace also is simple: it has raised walls and an opening in the middle for a fire. 

A fire pit can be made of metal, concrete or stone and use gas or wood for fuel. 

Fire pits are easier to construct than an outdoor fireplace because a basic build only consists of a circle or square. 

Pavestone offers fire pit kits — with up to 20 options — for easy, do-it-yourself, assembly.

Watch: How to Build a Backyard Fire Pit with Pavers 

Final Thoughts

Outdoor fireplaces add beauty and value to your home. The type you choose will depend on your budget, but investing in a paver fireplace will give you a better return on investment. 

To get the most out of your home’s outdoor space, you’ll want to build a patio to go with your fireplace. A patio defines your backyard living space, enhances the exterior aesthetic with stylish hardscaping, and increases your home’s resale value.  

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