Jesmonite Projects, Part One | Centsational Style

By Kate Riley

I discovered the existence of jesmonite a month ago when a few products made with it popped up on Instagram. It’s not sold in the US so I haven’t seen many people in the States working with it.

Jesmonite is an acrylic resin composite which combines a water based resin liquid with a reactive powder material base. It will replicate the shape of any silicone mold and can be colorized and textured to look like stone.

I was so intrigued when I discovered it that I ordered some and when my jesmonite kit arrived, I made both these terrazzo tray and the tealight candle holders using silicone molds.

I’m very excited about this product because it is an eco friendly material that’s easy to work with, one that you can use to make decorative functional objects for yourself or for friends and family for the holidays.

It feels like stone once it hardens so it can be used to create all kinds of things, see examples below!


Jesmonite is readily available in Europe, the UK, and Canada but there aren’t any US distributors that I could find. I ordered mine from this supplier in Canada, the AC100 kit I bought ships for free with plenty of material to work with for making multiple objects. You can also order it on Amazon too for shipping to the US.

The supplies you need to get started are the jesmonite set of powder and liquid to mix as well as a small food scale for accurate measuring, a mid size mixing container, mixing sticks, and silicone molds. Terrazzo chips and pigments are optional additives.


I made the terrazzo tray using this silicone mold and terrazzo chips I ordered from this Etsy shop.

image via VH Art Decor


And I made these tea light candleholders with this set of silicone molds.


I kept my molds and colors simple since I was experimenting with this product for the first time. I read if you sand the terrazzo pieces that it exposes the color of the chips more so I noted that for the future.


This material is simple to work with and it solidifies in 30 minutes, it’s really amazing! Check today’s Instagram post where I’m sharing a Reel showing the process of mixing and pouring into molds.

You can also buy pigments to tint the jesmonite any color you can imagine. Jesmonite can be any color, marbled, or turned into terrazzo with jesmonite chips so there is so much room for creativity.


Below are more examples I found online, these include molds and jesmonite pieces you can buy:

irregular edge silicone mold


marbled jesmonite trays


soap dish


gold fleck trays


  rainbow coasters

ring cones




cloud tray silicone mold

I have plenty of product left so I’m going to order some pigments to create marbled jesmonite and two more molds to make holiday gifts and ornaments.

Stay tuned for Part Two of my experiments with jesmonite, coming in November!


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