Holiday Gift Ideas For The Whole Family!

By Sherry Petersik

Did Christmas come early this year? Nope! But our annual gift guides did (by a smidge, at least). We don’t have our tree up yet, but we’ve already landed on a bunch of gifts that we’re getting for our own kids & family members, as well as keeping a mental tally of stuff we’ve bought & loved that we want to share with you. So, without further ado… let’s dive into the 3 categories that we cover every year, which are all here in just one post:

  1. Gift Ideas for Grown-Ups
  2. Gift Ideas for Kids
  3. Gift Ideas Under $12.99

2022 Holiday Gift Guide Main Image Collage

It’s probably also helpful to mention that nothing was sponsored/gifted in order to get into this guide. If something’s in here, we just genuinely love it (and in many cases, already own it and can vouch for it). Each list also includes some things that we plan to give a friend or family member this year, and a few things we’d love to receive (wink, wink – please consult this post, John).

Quick note: There aren’t just gifts that are under $12.99 on the last gift guide. For example, there are 4 gifts that are under $12.99 on the kids list as well. We’re sharing all of the prices for you within this post to save you from having to click every link to see what they are (prices are based on whatever they were at the time of writing this, so forgive us if something fluctuates).

Gift Ideas For Grown Ups

Here’s what we’re loving this year, either because it’s something we have already bought and loved, or something we’re getting this year for friends & family (or hoping to find under the tree ourselves 😉

2022 Holiday Gift Guide For Grown Ups Collage

Here are all the links for the stuff you see in the mood board above:

1. Peas In A Pod Necklace ($33+)

You can customize the color, count, and metal finish of these cute pendants, which would be great for a mom or grandmother! So sweet & so personal.

2. Cloud Mug ($22)

The shape and color of this fun modern mug would be a great anchor to a coffee, tea, or hot cocoa themed gift. Heck, you can also just fill it with candy or cheese.

3. Chunky Heel Boots ($43)

I bought these boots in khaki recently & love them! They’re SO comfortable, the height is great with jeans, and they also work with a skirt/dress. They often have a checkout coupon to save even more!

4. Kosher Cookie Dough Treat ($22)

I feel like cookie dough is a top-notch crowd-pleaser and these yummy treats come in a cute canister that I know my Grandma Vicki would’ve loved to keep forever.

5. Acorn Vase ($32)

Pop an acorn into this vase and watch it grow! It comes in a bunch of colors (the pink one is so good too!). Such a great gift idea for any plant lover (or squirrel?).

6. Monstera Earrings ($32)

I’m in love with everything that this Black-owned business creates, and I’m particularly torn about which color of these resin monstera leaf earrings I love most. Might need both!

8. LEGO Botanicals ($40)

This super cool succulent LEGO set is one of those gifts that seems random but would be so fun to put together & have forever (without worrying about killing it). Plus it’s a crossover – older kids might love it too!

9. Woven Crossbody Bag ($33)

I bought this small crossbody purse & it perfectly fits a phone & a credit card. It looks much more expensive than it is, comes in other colors, and the strap is adjustable (just retie the knot inside the bag higher up). I love mine.

10. John’s Favorite Shoes ($100)

Of all of the shoes John has ever owned, these sneakers have always been some of his favorites. I just got him a new pair for his birthday (they come in lots of other colorways too).

11. Facial Massage Tool ($15)

I love a good Gua Sha for massaging my face in the morning and this one comes in two great colors. Feels so good. You could pair it with a face mask, skin oil, or even some fluffy slippers for a relaxing treat.

12. Dad Joke Shirt ($17)

What do dads like more than a graphic tee? This graphic tee that celebrates them in all of their pun-tastic glory. I really think John needs one as soon as possible.

13. Stacked Jewelry Organizer ($36)

Our daughter has this stacking jewelry organizer and I do too! The interior grids help keep everything organized, you can stack them however you’d like. And the soft pink velvet-like interior is even prettier in person.

14. Super Cozy Blanket ($30)

We have this faux fur blanket in our sitting room on the couch and the whole family spends time cozying up to it EVERY. DAY. As I write this post, Penny’s curled up under it, fast asleep.

15. Boyfriend Sweater Candle ($29)

This highly recommended Black-Owned business has so many great scented candles that also come in these gorgeous containers. Boyfriend Sweater sounds so good, and I also want to try Braided Blanket.

16. Retro Bluetooth Radio ($40)

This looks like a vintage AM/FM radio, but it connects to your phone via Bluetooth for some great modern sound. Comes in 3 colors too!

17. Custom Adventure Ornament ($16)

We’ve already ordered one of these personalized park ornaments for a certain National Park-loving couple in our lives. I love how customized it feels because you get to pick the name, the date, and the location.

18. Bird Necklace ($17+)

I love delicate jewelry like this small bird necklace, which you can personalize (by choosing the number of birds & the finish). Great for representing kids or grandkids and it’s so minimal & beautiful.

19. Mini Round Dutch Oven ($22)

This tiny & adorable Le Creuset Crocette is their one-serving pot that’s about $250 less than most of the others they make (and it’s currently on sale!). Comes in lots of colors!

20. Lessons In Chemistry Book ($19)

This is easily one of my favorite books of 2022. Hands down! Empowering and beautifully told. I was gripped from the first page. I also absolutely loved this other book. Those are my top two of the year for sure.

Gift Ideas For Kids & Tweens

This list is always fun to put together, because it’s a combination of appreciating the things our eight-year-old and twelve-year-old already have & love (longterm! to earn a spot here it’s not just a day or two of playing with them). And other items on this list are things we’re getting them this year, or considering for other little friends & cousins.

2022 Holiday Gift Guide For Kids And Tweens

Here are all the links for the stuff you see in the mood board above:

1. Solar Printing Kit ($14+)

Our kids had lots of fun with solar paper this summer (we experimented with flowers, shells, leaves, and even tiny toys!), so this solar printing kit is a great gift for the little scientist, plant-lover, or artist on your list.

2. Shave Ice Maker ($40)

One of our kids’ friends asked for a shave ice machine for his birthday & it was THE BIGGEST HIT at his party. All of the kids (aged 7-13) crowded around & loved picking their favorite flavor mix. It makes slushies too!

3. Beetle Puzzle ($14)

These 500-piece puzzles are one of our favorite brands for the whole family to enjoy (they have so many others that we’ve also done & loved). And, well, have you ever seen prettier bugs?

5. Crystal Hedgehog ($15)

This fun science kit produces a hedgehog covered in crystals. It’s like a Chia Pet, but more magical. Comes in 4 colors too!

6. Mom’s Spaghetti Shirt ($20)

My palms are sweaty with excitement at the thought of children donning this subtle Eminem shirt. Comes in 8 colors and tons of sizes!

7. Wood Stacking Blocks ($20)

Even though our kids are too old for blocks, these wooden Montessori blocks make me want to play with them myself! For sure going to gift these to one of our smaller nieces or nephews (so I can try them out too 😉

8. Create This Book ($14)

Both of our kids have this blank art-prompt book on their holiday wish list (and that kind of crossover item at age 8 and 12 almost never happens). There’s a sequel too!

9. FlipSlide Matching Game ($15)

This small handheld game is like Simon-meets-Rubiks and it kept our 8-year-old busy for hours on a recent errand-running excursion.

10. Ombra Quilted Purse ($18)

This quilted purse also comes in light pink, but can you really resist a rainbow ombre? I feel like a 7-year-old and a 14-year-old could both appreciate this. And the chain & metal closure feels cool & not too cute.

11. Itty Bitty Marquee ($13)

This desktop-sized marquee sign is a fun way for a kid to personalize their desk, locker, or homework space. I like the idea that they can change the message on a whim, and it reminds me of The Circle (watch it! It’s so good!)

12. Three Mini Animal Lamps ($15+)

These tiny little LED lights would be great stocking stuffers, and they come in crazy affordable 3- or 6-packs (it’s $15 for 3 or $19 for 6!). They also come in other animal designs like dinosaurs & reindeer!

13. Double-Tipped Markers ($24)

After our son got these professional markers for his birthday in April, our daughter requested a set for herself. So yes, we have TWO SETS of them in our house and they get tons of daily use. The case is super convenient too!

14. Waterproof Lacrosse Set ($14)

This quickly became our family’s favorite pool toy, despite having no previous interest in lacrosse. Great out of the water too (at the beach, in the yard, in a park, etc).

15. DIY Plushie Sewing Kit ($12)

Making felt stuffed animals is the hot new craft around here & although we bought felt, needles, & embroidery thread at the store, this craft kit is cheaper than buying things a la cart – and has helpful tips to make them!

16. Incohearent Family Game ($20)

Santa’s adding this game to our game collection thanks to the kids spotting it in the store & cracking up at the examples on the box. Did you solve the phrase in the card in our mood board above? Say it three times fast 😉

17. The Stars Beneath Our Feet ($8)

This middle-grade novel is award-winning and currently being made into a movie! A great story that also involves Legos! Really moving and inspiring.

18. Friendship Bracelet Making Kit ($13)

This kit was such a hit with our 7th grader and her friends that a few of them bought it too so they could exchange bracelet creations.

19. Reverse Coloring Book ($12)

You add the lines to this colorful book to create your own art. It was such a hit with our son after his birthday that his cousin asked for the same thing!

Gift Ideas Under $12.99

This is forever my favorite gift list to compile because you know I love a deal, and many of these still feel personal and special. They’d make great stocking stuffers, neighbor gifts, or white elephant ideas. And they’re so affordable it can also be a “treat yourself” moment. I know I’m about to treat myself with a few of these 😉

2022 Holiday Gift Guide For Gifts Under 13 Dollars

Here are all the links for the stuff you see in the mood board above:

2. Adulting Merit Badges ($10)

These are inspired by the Scout patches kids get for achievements but are for the little victories of adulthood instead. I see a few of these cute patches that I could treat myself to. The Kermit one is gold.

3. Mini Waffle Maker ($12.99)

We love our Dash waffle maker for making waffles, pancakes, cinnamon rolls, egg sandwiches, hashbrowns, mini pizzas, & more! It comes in so many fun colors & shapes, and the awesome price makes it so giftable!

4. Faux Fur Pom Beanie ($10)

I’m a sucker for a cozy winter hat, especially one with a pom-pom on the top! This one almost makes me excited for when the temperature drops in Dec/Jan. Almost…

5. Stamped Planter ($10)

Add a small grocery-store-bought plant to this beautiful indoor planter for an instant gift your recipient will appreciate all year. Aka: put a plant on it.

6. Gingerbread Man Bath Fizz ($9)

Give someone an excuse to pamper themselves with this holiday bath bomb, which makes a great grown-up stocking stuffer! I love the packaging too.

7. Bee Wall Hanging ($12.99)

Consider me 100% charmed by this cheery casual wall hanging. It would be great for a kid’s room, but it’s also a great reminder for us adults (I think it would be cute in a laundry room, mudroom, or home office too!).

8. Volcano Candle ($12)

I’ve been obsessed with this scented candle ever since I got one as a housewarming gift from a neighbor when we moved into our house in 2020 (and I’ve since bought about 4 more). It’s a steal in this cute little tin!

9. Seeing Stars Astrology Books ($12)

Treat the amateur astrologist in your life with one of these cool hardcover books with insight about their sign. I love how personalized this feels, and the book itself is colorful and beautiful. Coffee-table-worthy for sure!

10. Gold Hoop Earrings ($12.99)

My friend recently told me about these simple gold earrings, which are so affordable and somehow the only ones that don’t irritate her sensitive ears. She leaves them in all the time (even sleeps in ’em) & calls them a miracle!

11. Spotify Custom Song Keychain ($9)

This is a super sentimental gift for anyone you share a special song with. You can customize it with your own photo and the Spotify scan code that automatically plays your song! So meaningful and sweet.

12. LED Dog Collar ($12)

We bought one of these easy & bright safety LED collars for Penny’s evening walks, and it’s so good that we’re buying another one for a friend. Comes in lots of colors and Penny seems to actually love wearing it.

13. Wood-Cut License Plate Ornament ($11)

These impressively intricate ornaments are a great gift for someone who moved, or just wants to add state pride to their tree! I’m tempted to order one from NJ, NY, VA, and FL to represent all the places we’ve lived.

14. Air Plants ($3 – $12)

Did you know Etsy sells air plants? There are tons of options & none need dirt or potting, which makes them great for decor – or even to dress up your gift wrap! I have 2 upstairs that I absolutely neglect and they thrive.

15. There’s Been A Murder Card Game ($11 with coupon)

An easy and fun card game to gift your favorite amateur detective or True Crime podcast lover. Kind of like grown-up Clue. Plus it’s collaborative, which is always a fun way to play (everyone works together to solve it).

16. Faux Fur Scrunchie Trio ($10)

Fuzzy scrunchies. That’s it. That’s the plug. Need I say more?

17. Bag of Fish Earrings ($11)

How fun are these playful fish earrings? They’re giving me Finding Nemo vibes, just minus that girl’s braces & violent tendencies.

18. Flower Letter Keychain ($7)

Who doesn’t love something personalized? Especially when it comes as a colorful floral resin keychain like this? At $7, they’re a steal! You could even add one to the top of a wrapped gift instead of a bow.

More Ideas From Our Past Gift Guides

If you’re in need of a few more ideas for the people on your holiday shopping list, please don’t forget about our Black-Owned Business List (there are so many highly recommended products & amazing makers to support in there). We also have our gift guides from years past linked for you below (many items are still sold):

*This post contains affiliate links, so we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links on our site at no additional cost to you.


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