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Fully recovering a home or business affected by water damage requires additional services beyond water mitigation. Water damage can produce mold, destroy personal items, cripple a home’s foundation, and short-circuit electrical outlets. Once the cleanup process begins, signs of additional water damage complications may appear. Immediate action is necessary to return a home to normal and reduce any detrimental effects caused by water damage. 

Here are 4 signs to look for when considering the next steps following water mitigation. 

A musty odor in the basement- Basements are known to emit strange odors. Following water damage, a musty, earthy smell could be mold developing. Basements are often below ground level, so they are prone to the accumulation of excess moisture, a mold breeding ground. Mold can grow in unchecked water in just under two days. After destroying one material the mold will move on to the adjacent one, damaging entire homes or buildings. Idle water can also contain harmful bacteria and raw sewage. If mold is developing, immediately contacting a mold remediation specialist will be paramount in recovering a water-damaged home. Here is more information on how to spot mold or mildew and the best course of action for removal. 

Structural damage- Since most building materials are porous, they absorb excess water through cracks and pores. If flooded water is not removed quickly, it can create defects in a building’s foundation. Over time this excess water will weaken the entire structure of a home. Most homeowners don’t notice foundational cracks until they’re visible throughout the walls of their homes. Immediately hiring a foundation repair specialist after the excess water is eliminated, will minimize foundation damage. It’s imperative to ensure a building is dried as quickly as possible. The longer water sits, the more extensive the damage will become.

Doors and windows that don’t work correctly- Occasionally, after a home has had extensive water damage, there may be gaps in windows and doors. These gaps are the result of a home’s foundation shifting. Window and door gaps will cost a homeowner a lot over time. Aside from causing foundation problems, they allow air to leak out of a home causing HVAC units to run more often and increasing utility costs. Foundation repair professionals will be required if gaps are prevalent in the doors and windows of a water-damaged building. 

Damp flooring- The floor of a water-damaged home or business is irreparable. Carpeting, floorboards, and laminate flooring all easily absorb water. Additionally, flooring will bend and crack when it is over-saturated. Like all water-damaged areas, mold will likely develop, providing health concerns. Replacing flooring can be a hassle, but for the safety of all occupants, anything that touches floodwater must be removed. Once the floor is opened and returned to concrete, this surface will need to be cleaned, disinfected, and treated to ensure all moisture and bacteria are eliminated. Doing this before installing new flooring is instrumental in maintaining a safe environment.   

Home is a safe haven, and water damage has the potential to turn a safe haven into a stressor.

The silver lining is this presents the opportunity to upgrade a home. Instead of restoring a home to the way it was before the damage, this is a chance to enhance the home and create something new. Large projects like replacement flooring can revitalize an entire home causing homeowners to develop new remodeling ideas.  

Recovering from water damage requires homeowners to be proactive. Hiring professionals to handle water damage complications is the 1st step toward recovery.        

Finding a restoration company that handles both flood mitigation and restoration is essential. Companies that provide these multiple services can help their customers recover from weather damage faster. If flooded water is removed from the home quickly, it will not develop excess mold or structural damage, making recovery a cinch.   


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