DIY Painted Concrete Pool Deck and Patio That Lasts!

By Lauren

Costly Outdoor Concrete Painting Mistakes You Should Know Before Starting

A word of caution: Do NOT use bright white concrete paint. It will basically burn your retinas in the bright sun. Even though lighter colors will help you have a cool deck on hot days, white paint is a big no-no.

(To be fair, we were in the depths of wrangling an ear-infection/colic-prone baby not sleeping through the night back when we made that mistake and that didn’t help our willingness to fix our mistake right away.)

Do not skip the ever-so-important prep work and priming before jumping into the patio painting part to ensure a long lasting finish. That thirsty concrete will gulp that paint right up resulting in an even more time-consuming, costly project. 

Always stir in a grip additive into your paint for slip resistance. If you don’t plan to make a slip-resistant surface, you will create a dangerous situation for yourself later. 

After over a year of looking at the start of this bad paint job attempt, we finally decided it was time to remedy this for good!

badly painted concrete pool deckbadly painted concrete pool deck


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