DIY Globe Light Planter Posts

By Kate Riley

Today I’m sharing the globe light planter posts I created for our Florida home’s back patio. These are all cell phone images, I didn’t bring my DSLR camera on this trip so the color, sharpness, and quality are not as great, also it’s tricky to capture images at twilight, but these are good enough to convey the idea.

We have a long rectangular patio and I have two nice seating areas but it gets pitch black at night since there are no exterior lights out here, so this was my seasonal solution. It’s lovely during the day but oh so dark at night so these lights at ambiance and extend the evening hours.

These are the project sources: two 27” white wavy tall resin planters; two sets 25’ white outdoor globe lights; 4 bags 50 lb. quick set concrete (2 for each planter); 15 ft outdoor waterproof extension cord (to plug in lights); two white 96” closet rods; 1¼” screw eye hooks, attached to top of pole and house; 1.5 cubic feet of soil per planter; galvanized wire connecting the light strands to the screw eyes; power drill and drill bits.

Step One: Drill pilot holes into one end of the closet rods then attach screw eye hook.

Step Two: Fill each planter with a 50 lb. bags of concrete following the mixing instructions. Use level to ensure rod is straight and stabilize closet pole with painter’s tape allowing concrete to set. Repeat with a second bag for each planter.

Step Three: Just above the cement line drill a few drainage holes with a drill bit on one side of the planter to allow water to drain from soil. Layer1.5 cubic feet of soil on top of the set cement around each pole in each planter and add plants of choice, I used aztek grass.

Step Four: Remove glass bulbs from globe light wires. Place planter poles on patio and position globe light wires in place, securing the electric wires to both the top of the planter poles and your home.

Step Five: Reattach glass bulbs to globe light wires, plug in to outdoor electric socket with extension cord, and enjoy!

I captured the process and a lot more of the outdoor scene on video so check today’s Reel on Instagram to see how this project came together!

The globe lights add charm and ambiance as the day changes to night, all made possible by two very strong poles anchored in planters!


When mosquitos or gnats come around I have my DIY citronella candle and this awesome rechargeable bug zapper to keep those pests away.

Next, I’m on the hunt for a nice rug and a few more plants to make this space complete, but for now, I’m kicking off my flip flops, listening to the breeze, and relaxing on this outdoor patio.


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