A New Aesthetic for an Outdoor Shed


We’re transforming a shed into an art studio for homeowner Linda Johansen.

Linda is native to Mobile, Ala., and has settled in Fairhope, Ala., after adventuring around the world with Delta Airlines. She has gradually redone her home one room at a time but needs a little help with her shed — and we’re happy to help!

Linda Johansen's shed before shot.
Linda’s shed has great potential for an artist’s oasis!

Preparing the Shed

For prep, we didn’t have to do too much. Linda helped us out by cleaning out as much as she could so we could get right to the renovation.

We start by removing the siding that faces the street to close up the door. By closing up the door, both security and more room for Linda’s shed.

Linda Johansen's shed during demolition
By removing the siding, we can now close up the door to create more space.

We also remove the small concrete ramp leading to the door. It’s rare if the slab of the concrete floor and the ramp are poured at the same time. Since there’s no line between the ramp and the concrete slab, I’m using a saw to score it so the ramp has a clean break.

Homeowner Linda Johansen and Chelsea Lipford Wolf sanding cabinets.
Chelsea and Linda get busy sanding the cabinets.

Refinishing the Cabinets

Linda has the original kitchen cabinets that came with her home. Like us, Linda hates to waste perfectly good furniture. So instead of getting rid of the kitchen cabinets, we’re refinishing and putting them in Linda’s she-shed!

Linda Johansen's cabinets for her she shed
The new color Linda chose for her cabinets makes the space pop.

Chelsea and Linda took to sanding the old cabinets and painting them a fun shade of blue. This shade of blue is actually color matched from one of Linda’s pillows and makes the space pop more!

A potting bench in homeowner Linda Johansen's shed.
The new potting bench adds more character to Linda’s she-shed!

Adding a Potting Bench

To add more of Linda’s personality to the shed, we’re building a free-standing potting bench. It enhances the appeal of the shed from the outside while also allowing storage for Linda’s garden tools.

With the potting bench in place, Linda’s shed is now a home for all of her hobbies!

Danny Lipford and Chelsea Lipford Wolf with homeowner Linda Johansen.
“Today’s Homeowner” hosts Danny Lipford and Chelsea Lipford Wolf, pictured with Linda Johansen.

Production Thoughts

When we first saw Linda’s shed it was attractive on the outside but had yet to reach its potential on the inside. Linda needed a space for her creative side to paint and garden as she pleases.

By covering up the door facing the street, we created more wall space for functionality. The refinished cabinets add a pop of color and creativity to this artist’s shed. And the potting bench on the side of the shed adds even more of Linda’s personality to her hobbies!

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