9 Best Toilet Bowl Cleaners for a Squeaky Clean Bathroom

By James

This review was updated in October 2022 to remove a sold out product and add new toilet bowl cleaner recommendations along with more information about each product.

If you ask pretty much anyone what their most dreaded household task is, cleaning the toilet is always among the top responses, if not number one. It’s an unpleasant task, but certainly a necessary one to keep your home clean and family healthy — and having an effective, fast-working arsenal of toilet bowl cleaning supplies on hand makes the job a lot speedier and easier to do.

In the Good Housekeeping Institute Cleaning Lab, we know a good bit about bathroom cleaning and what ingredients you need to dissolve the tough soils and stains that are common on bathroom surfaces. In addition to our advice on how to remove mold and mildew and tackle hard water stains, we test hundreds of cleaning products each year to find the best for cleaning the bathroom and every room. In fact, we’ve recently spent weeks testing 27 different toilet cleaning products to find which ones require minimal effort but yield maximum results.

When we test toilet bowl cleaners, we go right to the source — home and office toilets. We assess how easy each cleaner is to use, how well it removes fresh and existing stains and how clean it leaves the bowl overall in the homes of Lab experts and consumer testers. We also review the ingredients, packaging and more. These are the best toilet cleaners to get rid of tough stains and make your bowl sparkle.

Our top picks:

    For your cleanest bathroom, consider keeping an assortment that includes a cleaner for stains inside the bowl, like one of our picks below, a sturdy, effective toilet bowl brush and disinfecting wipes for the seat, rim, tank, handle and outer base. As you read through this review, you’ll find more details about all of our toilet bowl cleaner recommendations along with testing images, specifics about how we test, what to consider when buying a toilet bowl cleaner as well as why you should trust Good Housekeeping reviews.

Source: www.homedecorexpert.com

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