30 Picture-Perfect Flowers to Elevate Your Fall Garden

By James

Although springtime is known for fields of colorful tulips and daffodil flowers, that doesn’t mean that autumn can’t be full of activity in the garden with planting and blooming fall flowers. In fact, fall is a great time for annuals, perennials and evergreen shrubs to shine. Some popular fall flowers include colorful mums, dahlias, purple pansies and yes, even bright yellow sunflowers!

While many of these fall flowers peak in mid-summer and continue to share their beauty into autumn, others will be in bloom until the first hard frost. If you are a beginner gardener and are wondering how to plant a fall garden, leave it to us to walk you through each fall flower’s needs. We also recommend that you follow the USDA’s Plant Hardiness Zones, which provides helpful information on what and when to plant based on where you live. You can also get additional guidance by checking with your local nursery to help you determine which annuals or perennials are best to plant for your autumn garden. You’ll likely want to start planning late spring or early summer to ensure that you’ll have plenty options and time for your new plants to establish its roots before the first frost comes (but be sure to check with each plant’s needs).

So with a little planning and guidance, it’s time to put on those gardening gloves and get planting for a thriving garden full of fall flowers!

Source: www.homedecorexpert.com

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