20 Low-Maintenance Bedroom Plants to Help You Sleep Better and Breathe Easier

By James

You spend a lot of time in your bedroom, so it’s important to design a space that ensures you get a good night’s rest. One of the easiest (and most affordable!) ways to transform your bedroom into a peaceful sanctuary is with indoor plants — not only do they look beautiful, houseplants can actually help improve your health, mood and sleep quality, too.

According to NASA research, a number of popular houseplants have been found to improve air quality by diffusing toxins and releasing oxygen all night long; the right plants can also provide allergy relief and decrease stress. On top of that, plants can improve the aesthetics of your bedroom with very little effort on your end. From large indoor trees to small succulents, you also don’t have to stress over killing any of the picks on our list of the best bedroom plants, since most of them are easy-to-maintain plants that thrive in low-light conditions (we’re looking at you, beginner plant parents).

Whether you’re looking for a plant that’ll grow tall with proper care or a hanging plant that will infuse lots of personality into your room, you’re sure to find a plant to fit your bedroom style right here — just don’t forget to pick up one of the best indoor pots or planters to display it in. For more indoor plant ideas, check out our guides to best kitchen plants and the best bathroom plants.

Source: www.homedecorexpert.com

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