11 Best Air Fresheners for a Great Smelling Home

By James

This story was updated in September 2022 to confirm that all products were available, add a newly tested air freshener from Febreze to our picks, expand our testing notes and answer frequently asked questions about air fresheners.

A home can be spick and span, but if it doesn’t smell clean, it doesn’t feel clean. You know what it’s like to leave and come home only to smell the garlic you sauteed at dinner or the bacon you made for breakfast. And if you smell it, your guests will too. While an air purifier can help remove these odors, a good air freshener is an easy, inexpensive way to help banish lingering aromas and make your home feel more inviting. In Good Housekeeping consumer surveys, respondents tell us they want a home that smells clean and fresh. A good air freshener should do just that, as well as eliminate — not just cover up — odors without being too overpowering or fading too soon.

The Good Housekeeping Institute Cleaning Lab tests of hundreds of cleaning products year-round, including those that claim to get smells out of microwaves, washing machines, fabrics, carpets, pet and cooking zones and more. Plus, they research and develop lots of tips to help freshen the air in your home. When we test air fresheners, we evaluate them both in the Lab and at home to better simulate real-life conditions. We assess the intensity of the scent initially and over time, monitor how long they last (especially if they claim to work for weeks or months) and evaluate ease of use. We also check for any leakage or damage to surrounding surfaces as well as any specific performance claims the product makes. Below are the best air fresheners to buy in 2022.

Our top picks:

Read on to learn more details about our product recommendations, how we test air fresheners and answers to questions about which last the longest and what to consider when buying an air freshener, plus why you should trust our Good Housekeeping reviews.

    Source: www.homedecorexpert.com

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